Why we started our business

The origins of our company aren’t glamorous.  We wanted our successes and failures to be primarily based on our effort, determination, and skill set. In short, if we failed, it would be our failure.

We also knew that we had the skills to provide other businesses with the internet leads they so highly coveted through paid search and SEO. People don’t just jump into pay per click and produce results. We studied and passed the Adwords exams, we mastered web design, and we consumed as much information on the topics as humanly possible (and still do today.) We refused to be outworked by anyone. When we felt we were ready, we sought out clients who needed leads, new business, and our skills.

Our clients chose us because we are invested in them – because without them, we don’t exist. It’s that simple.

We are Adwords certified professionals.
We’ve been studying and practicing search engine optimization (SEO) since 2009.
We’ve been designing WordPress websites since 2010.

We’re going to help you succeed.


Q: Why an owl, and what is it holding?

A: We chose the owl for many, many reasons. They are calculated, precise, predators. They thrive and adapt in any environment. They are rarely unsuccessful in the task at hand. Owls also symbolize wisdom, patience, and renewal.


When creating our logo, we wanted the owl to be carrying a gem – specifically a diamond. It symbolizes the value and the results driven approach that we provide to our clients. What we achieve is tangible.