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Generate the business you need by mastering the top spots on Google and Bing’s search results

10Nine Marketing is at the forefront of lead generation for Cat-Only Veterinarians. Focusing on this specific niche, we specialize in the creation, optimization and ongoing management of paid and organic search campaigns on both Google Ads and Bing. With significant experience generating high quality leads related to boarding, grooming, wellness, surgery and more, all specific to felines, we tailor your ads and optimize your landing pages and websites to achieve the lowest cost per lead possible.

If you are ready to take your cat practice to the next level, 10Nine Marketing is your premier partner that can take you there.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool used to direct targeted audiences to your website. If properly done, PPC can take you to the top of the Google or Bing search results pages instantly! As the title infers, this form of advertising only requires you to pay when a potential client clicks your ad. This makes this a very cost effective form of advertising. Based on the keywords and phrases that are important to your business, such as “cat hospitals near me” or “cat surgery”, you can dictate how much you are willing to pay for someone to click on your ad. Depending on your geographic area, the competition in that area and what they are willing to pay, your ad then ranks in any number of spots available on the search results page. When managed properly with well written ad copy and high quality landing pages designed for lead generation, there is not a more powerful advertising tool for businesses that provide products and services. That’s where 10Nine Marketing comes into the picture and we can help!

How much does it cost when someone clicks on my ad?

Costs will vary by geography and competition, but for the most part our clients experience a $2-3 average on their clicks. Combining that with our high-quality landing pages, our clients find their average cost per lead to be in the $13-15 range. So, if you could walk into a store and buy a potential new client off the shelf for that price, would you do it?

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Benefits of 10Nine Marketing Managing Your Online Search Advertising

Maximize Your Position on Search Results

Our clients experience an average PPC ad position of 1.6 – putting them in the first or second position of the paid search results

Keep Your Cost Per Lead Low & Maximize Your ROI

Our clients see their average cost per lead in the $12-15 range giving them a great deal of profit margin depending on the service

Optimize Your Account Spend

Measure your advertising performance breakdown by area, search term, device type and much more to focus your marketing spend on services that maximize your return

High-Quality Website and Landing Page Designs

Our conversion rates for Cat Hospitals are incredible with some clients experiencing 15% conversion rates meaning for every 7 ad clicks, you have a potential new client.

How does PPC differ from search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) also revolves around the search engines and their results pages, however, they are not based on how much you are willing to pay to rank on the search results pages. Instead, SEO focuses on several techniques, both on your website pages through content and in the structure and design of those webpages. Over time and through continuous and constant website modifications and content additions, it is possible to rank in the “organic” results on Google and Bing. These are the listing that you may see below the top 4 paid/PPC spots on a search results page.

Which is better, PPC or SEO?

This is a phenomenal question and we are glad you asked! When it comes to PPC, results can be seen overnight with high volume and leads generated quickly. In addition, you can target specific audiences based on their demographics and geographical area. If you only want to advertise to age 30-45 females in a specific zip code, you got it.

SEO offers similar lead generation possibilities, but the process can take much longer to achieve. So, while the cost per lead over time may be lower, SEO can be more volatile and susceptible to competitors and geographic regions. It does not offer the control that PPC may offer.

So, the answer really comes back to your business, its goals, and your advertising budget. SEO offers a more affordable advertising proposition, but the results will not be as measurable or instant as PPC. Most of our clients find that the combination of the two generates a nice mix where they can begin generating more business and growing through the addition of PPC while they let SEO runs its course over time and bring them up the organic search results rankings. Now they have the best of both worlds…and a lot more clients!

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10Nine Marketing’s Service Offerings

10Nine Marketing is a Google Partner – meaning we have earned the trust and endorsement of Google. This is not just something that is handed out to anyone, but rather needs to be earned over time through integrity and the continued high-quality management of millions of dollars in advertising over the course of any given year. We are proud to be a Google partner and look forward to passing the services that have helped us get there onto you.


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PPC Management

Professionally managed pay-per-click campaigns, expertly designed by certified Adwords specialists. Designed to generate leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Targeting potential customers to gain visibility, driving traffic, and creating conversions on your website through the organic listings of the search engines.

Web Design

We create beautiful, mobile responsive websites and landing pages. Our sites are designed for functionality and to encourage lead generation.

Did you know?

85% of all PPC clicks come from the top 3 paid search positions
46% of all search result clicks come from the top 3 paid positions
46% of all Google searches are local which is paramount for a business specializing in feline services
The top 5 positions in organic search receive 75% of the organic search clicks

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Cat-Only Veterinarian Owners: We’re Offering You Free SEO/PPC Audits

Through our special partnership with cat-only vets and hospital facilities, we are excited to offer a free, super comprehensive audit of your SEO and PPC, even if you don’t do either currently.

Our audits come at no charge to you, and with zero obligations towards us. We know we can help you grow your volume of new business, and to provide positive ROI to your bottom line.

Here is what your free audit will reveal

SEO Audit

  • Where your site currently ranks for specific keywords
  • High level analysis of technical issues hampering your SEO
  • Who your top five competitors are for your desired keywords
  • Why competitors are outranking you, and how to fix that
  • Areas of opportunity to bring in new site visitors
  • How to choose what content to produce and why it’s important

PPC Audit

  • Is pay per click worth pursuing?
  • Current users: Where can your campaign/s perform better?
  • Landing page reviews and ideas
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keywords analysis, costs, and volume by territory
  • How to effectively track conversions, analytics, and ROI

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