Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


How to truly capture organic traffic

Being able to rank your website on the first page of Google isn’t anywhere as simple as it used to be. No amount of keyword stuffing and buying backlinks will allow you to achieve success these days. The volume of competition is too great for it to be easy. Most “SEO” companies will sell you on taking a set of keywords and promising rankings for them for a hefty sum. Nope, that’s not the way it works anymore. SEO is hard work, and 10Nine Marketing is here to set things straight.

The ability to take a set of keywords that are important to your business, and to actually rank on page one of the search engines is a challenge that demands a true game plan and a realistic evaluation of the competition. That’s what our SEO services provides: evaluation, game-planning, and execution.

Our Three Step Process

Every business can attack the challenge of ranking organically with their own unique strategy. Whether you’re a local business or a national brand with multiple locations, we offer solutions for every scenario. Here are the three basic tenants of our SEO strategy that we apply to our clients.

1. Evalution

We’ll complete a full scale analysis of your business to understand exactly what you’re trying to rank for (keywords) and who precisely you’re attempting to target (geographically.) We’ll use industry leading tools to study the keyword volumes and difficulty rankings, plus we’ll find the areas of opportunities your competitors have overlooked.

2. Gameplanning

After analyzing both the status of your on-site and off-site optimization, we’ll fill the gaps and focus on the new content that needs to be created. We’ll analyze every competitor who ranks for your desired keywords and backwards engineer how they achieved their rankings. This will allow us to formulate the final piece of the puzzle.

3. Execution

To truly execute an effective strategy that targets specific keywords, we will curate content and new pages on your site around these terms. Then the content promotion stage begins. We’ll need to create awareness around your content to garner backlinks and sharing online. Without backlinks, you’ll have little chance for success.


Local Optimization

Many businesses need increased focus around optimizing their local presence, first and foremost. It’s commonly an area that is both under-performing and under-optimized. The Google Places for Business (formerly Google Maps) is an off-site SEO area that must be targeted, optimized, and capitalized on if you’re a local business. It’s non-negotiable, and it’s our expertise.

Another major component of our local optimization strategy is gathering relevant citations and business listings. We’ll research all of the major business listing sites within your particular region and create them. Google uses these business listings to qualify you as a real business, and the stronger the citations, the higher your local rankings can be. We’ll take care of all of them.

Is it finally time to take control of your SEO?